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Phil's Corner


There are a limited number of hotel rooms blocked for each regatta. Please make reservations for you accommodation asap. Check the travel page for more details.
Help Needed In Building Website

PLEASE REGISTER ASAP! THE REGISTER BUTTON IS IN THE UPPER RIGHT CORNER OF EVERY PAGE. We also need photos and as important, permission to use those photos. Please email any award presentation, racing, downtime or any kind of photo attachment to Info@LYCOpti.Info. Please include the statement "I grant permission for my child’s name/picture to be used on" Thank you for your help in building a virtual "hang-out" for the LYC Opti Racing Community!

Opti's Upwind

Opti's Racing

LYC Opti Racers Rock!!!

This web site is for the Kids, Coaches, Parents, Siblings, LYC members and the interested and wonderfully supportive Greater LYC community. Daily communications are in the site including weekly Chairman and Coach notes as well as general information about the LYC Opti Racing Program. Some of the modules are only available to registered, and authorized, users. Every effort is made to keep those modules to a minimum to maximize the enjoyment and use of the site by all. If you are an LYC racer, or family member of an LYC racer, please be sure to register. The authorization may take a few days. Feel free to email the chairman's staff or coaches with reminders.

The LYC Opti Racing Program is comitted to harnessing the thrill of autonomy and control experienced by Opti Racers into positive personal traits of sportmanship, attitude, critical thinking, problem solving, persistance and perseverance as well as community traits of "others before self" including team focus, mutually accomplished goals, spirit, helping others, racing assistance and  rendering aid in times of need. The inspiration, confidence and independence for a young person being able to successfully navigate their own boat (years before being able to drive a car!) around marks and in close quarters with other boats is the fundamental springboard to a lifetime of passion for sailing and competition.  This same passion will establish a foundation for a lifetime of success in all chosen endeavors.