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Team Racing Eligibility



1. Bona Fide Team Membership

To be a bona fide member of a team, prior to the start of the team racing regatta, each team member must (a) have sailed at least one regatta and be committed to sail with that team for a second regatta other than the team racing event itself and (b) be a member of the USODA or the Optimist organizing authority of the member’s residence. No team with a majority of teammates being members of the USODA may have more than one teammate be a member of an organizing authority other than the USODA. The requirement in provision (a) of teammates having to sail in regattas together is not applicable to teams with a majority of teammates who are members of an organizing authority other than the USODA. For all championships and invitations earned after March 1, 2008, the regattas with whom teammates must sail together shall be USODA regattas. The USODA retains the sole and unreviewable discretion to determine if a competitor is a bona fide member of the team.


2. Team Eligibility for Gold Fleet

Only teams satisfying the requirements stated in Paragraph One may compete in Gold Fleet.


3. Team Eligibility for Invitations Shared by the USODA

Only teams with bona fide members all of whom are Team Trials Eligible (TTE) are eligible for any invitation shared by the USODA to participate in another event. A team member who would be TTE but for his or her age shall be a bona fide member for purposes of the invitation. A team may only accept an invitation shared by the USODA, if at least three members from the four or five person team that earned the invitation will be attending the event for which the invitation has been extended.


4. Team Eligibility for Silver Fleet

All members of a Silver Fleet team must be members of the USODA or the Optimist organizing authority of a competitor’s residence and the majority of the members of the team cannot have sailed previously in the USODA Team Race Nationals, the USODA Midwinter Team Racing Championship, or a national team racing championship of another Optimist

organizing authority.