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Opti Trailer Space Reservation Policy

The Lauderdale Yacht Club IOD Racing Team commits significant time and money supporting the travel regattas. In order to provide effective coaching and insure the racers safety, the coach / sailor ratios must be maintained. The most expensive way to organize the coaches, coach boats, hotel and travel is at the last minute, if it can even be done at all. To maximize the clubs investment in the sail racing program, the sailors and families are asked to help with away regatta planning as follows:


Lauderdale Yacht Club IOD Sailing participants intending to attend in-state events must notify the Sailing Department via email by Wednesday, 10 days prior to the event. A larger, appropriate amount of time will be allotted for out of state events. Failure to do so will forfeit the Club’s courtesy to transport the sailor’s equipment and that parent is responsible for providing on the water safety for their sailor. Low priority trailer reservations will be awarded at this time.


Trailer priority tiers (from high to low):


  1. Commodore’s Fleet sailors
  2. Families who tow a coach boat
  3. Multi Opti sailor families (First Opti is expected to be carried car-top on sailor’s family vehicle)
  4. Multi sailor families other than Opti (First boat to be carried by sailor’s family)
  5. Order by date reservation was made
  6. Other Local clubs by prior arrangement and with space available.